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What Sets Us Apart

Here’s how the founder, Perry Stancato, got his early beginnings in the restaurant & foodservice industries.

“Growing up in the restaurant business, I learned the ins and outs of a kitchen and the challenges that came with it. With a desire to expand our capabilities and improve our family business, I set out for the Culinary Institute of America. I immersed myself in flavor profile development and returned to the restaurant with an expertise aimed at creating more consistency in the kitchen. Through learned techniques, I optimized our recipes and eliminated many prior inconsistencies. With a gold standard product in place and consumer demand, I was tasked with bottling our sauce for retail. I quickly learned that the process was not easy for boutique manufactures. Faced with a new set of challenges, we started working with a small manufacturer in Canton, Ohio. After working with them for a short time, we felt it was time to take the reins and move closer to our home base with expanded capabilities to produce our handcrafted recipes. This is how Signature Sauces came to life and a new journey began.”
– Perry Stancato

Signature Sauces was born out of passion for food, and the fine art of preparing consistent authentic family recipes for use in the restaurant and foodservice industry.

We specialize in developing and creating products that are custom-tailored and consistent in quality and taste. Our journey started as a boutique manufacturing facility and has blossomed into a large scale food manufacturing operation. As we continue to grow, so does our sincere passion for the restaurant and foodservice industries. We are proud to have built many long-lasting relationships with our customers, and our successful production and placement of their products. Let us guide you through your own journey from kettle to the center of plate, start building your brand today.

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